Greencycle Kintyre & Kintyre Recycling

The email group Greencycle Kintyre, formerly known as Freecycle Kintyre, has been running since 2005 to reduce the waste of energy and resources that occurs whenever an item goes to landfill. Its objective is to match potential new users of various items with others who have finished using them. "Don't throw it away, give it away" is its tag line. Now, in common with many email groups, its use has declined dramatically, as has support from loss-making parent Yahoo Groups.

In 2006, Kintyre Recycling Limited started up, providing recycling services to the Kintyre peninsula and operating as a social enterprise. It provides employment to people with various specific needs and a range of abilities, offering kerbside recycling services to South Kintyre households, and servicing of "bring" sites in the A83 corridor from Kintyre up to Arrochar. All the recyclates collected are quality sorted and sold on.  It's tag line is "Don't let a good thing go to waste".

Both Greencycle Kintyre and Kintyre Recycling help households to make a difference to the environment by reusing more of what they already have. Now, in 2016, whilst the use of email groups is declining, the need for more comprehensive re-use facilities is expanding. To this end, Kintyre Recycling has purchased land and is pursuing plans for a purpose-built unit with a display area for re-usable goods. With a view to marketing, Zero Waste Heroes volunteer Siyao Li has made a short film highlighting the social and economic benefits of recycling in Kintyre. See this at p=543. You can see why new premises are absolutely needed!

It has become obvious that the two groups share a common objective. The arrival of Zero Waste Heroes on the scene in 2015 (a project led by Inspiralba, a Kintyre Recycling partner for many years) has helped to solidify thinking about the way forward. On behalf of the members of both organizations, the board and management of Greencycle Kintyre and Kintyre Recycling have decided to merge. The combined membership lists will be more effective together than if they remain separate as we seek to facilitate far more re-use of household items than currently takes place. The merger occured in 2016, when the Greencycle Kintyre email list was renamed and became operated by Kintyre Recycling. The purpose-built Freegle system became available shortly after, and use of the email list was discontinued.

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