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Heritage Centre


Located since 1995 in the disused Lorne Street Church, and actually in Big Kiln (Street), Campbeltown Heritage Centre provides visual and historical insight into the life and times of Campbeltown and its inhabitants. Information and exhibits cover many aspects of the history and development of South Kintyre, including the Campbeltown-Machrihanish light railway, the local whisky industry, fishing and agriculture. The building itself, sometimes referred to locally as The Tartan Kirk, is easily identified by its distinctive stonework, with contrasting colored bands and pinnacles. Also of interest may be the Undicovered Scotland page on Campbeltown Heritage Centre.

The Kintyre Antiquarian and Natural History Society magazine

The magazine was published by Angus Martin from 1977 until the last issue (no. 79) in 2016. Back copies are available, together with some genealogical information, at the Ralston Genealogy web site. An online version was also published from 1997 to 2005.

Kintyre at War 


Based at 13 Saddell Street, Campbeltown, Argyll, PA28 6DN, The Kintyre Antiquarian and Natural History Society took the innovative and bold step of publishing the text of "KINTYRE AT WAR 1939-1945" on a CD rather than in book form. They reason that more people than ever either have their own computers or can get access to one, and are very much aware of the fact that the price of many good reference books deters people from buying them. At present only available in Microsoft 'Word' form, the reader can choose whether to print pages of interest, or all 440 pages, or simply retain it on the computer for reference.

The book isn't just about the 'goings-on' in Kintyre during The Second World War but covers everything from the time when Hitler came to power in 1933, right through to 1946 and the Nuremberg war trials. It is also the story of how war came to Campbeltown and Kintyre. It includes things they never properly told you at school: how the war began and who had what to fight with when the war did start; Hitler's speech declaring war on America; the complete German and Japanese Surrender Documents and the complete 1946 VE-Day programme listing all the forces and now long-forgotten regiments that took part in the official march-past.

There is a 60-page long collection of glossaries focusing on German military and naval terms and abbreviations and for that alone the disc will be of great interest to students and historians alike. It covers ground that often escapes the attention of national historians. The disc, boasting unusual and colourful cover pictures of The Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse, is just £5 a copy.



Donald Kelly, a member of the Society, has also published an interesting leaflet on the 1904-6 Fessenden Atlantic radio transmitter experiment in pdf form.