Kite Flying

Caution! Kite Festival

Catfish large novelty kite

The demonstration teams' base camp

Mr. Happy

The Fish style of kite

Large box kite, part of the display in the Victoria Hall

Diver novelty kite

Parrot painted rock kite

Flying a Fish by the War Memorial

Flying Trousers

A whale of a time

The Sled kite style, this one with two tails

The Rock style

Creatures of several kinds in kite form

Mermaid kite

Large butterfly kite
There are plenty of opportunities for kite flying in and around Campbeltown, and in 2005, the first annual Campbeltown Kite Festival was held.

Campbeltown Kite Festival

The first Campbeltown Kite Festival took place on the weekend of 6th and 7th August 2005. Organised by Argyll & Bute Council, there were demonstrations of all kinds of kites, from small one-string models to power kites pulling their operator along on a purpose-made buggy.

The kite flying took place on Kinloch Green in very variable wind conditions, from flat calm to 15 mph. In a single minute on the Saturday, an anemometer measured wind speeds ranging from 5 mph to 13 mph. This meant difficult flying for some of the kites, taxing the skills of the demonstration teams.

The participating teams:

These teams were not selling kites or equipment, but they were very willing to lend a hand to repair or teach when asked. The main purpose of their weekend at Campbeltown Kite Festival was to spread the word about the sport.

And it worked. On Kinloch Green, people young and not so young were bringing and buying kites of their own, and finding it easy to provide a colorful and satisfying display. A quote from someone who never had a kite as a child: "it was relaxing and fun".

Black Cat novelty display kite

The Victoria Hall was used to display many more spectacular and novel kites of all kinds. Videos were showing throughout the weekend, giving a further insight into the range and possibilities of the sport.

The teams really do get around. David and Ann of Team RIKOK have previously taken their kiting skills by invitation to India, where they performed at a kite festival which included fighting kites. David and Ann were joined in Jordan by Lloyd, Debbie and Lauren of Midlands Kite Flyers. Here they took part in the celebrations marking the King of Jordan's fortieth birthday.

8 kites at the Campbeltown Kite Festival

The lifting power of some kites is remarkable. Where the smaller one-string kites use a string with a breaking strain of 25 - 30 lb., kites like the Mega Sled use a 750 lb. line.

At one point the wind gusts were so strong that the line of one kite severed that of another, which promptly flew off over the loch. A speedboat gave chase and performed a rescue, allowing the kite to be flown again an hour or so later. A mid-air rescue also took place. Sally, a lady from Chicago, thought she had lost her kite, but it was saved by deft action from another kite flying duo, who managed to capture the runaway with their control line and bring it safely to ground.

General view across display area towards War Memorial

This was a really fun weekend. And a first for Campbeltown and Kintyre. Surely everyone who saw or took part in the kite flying at the festival must agree: "Let The 2005 Campbeltown Kite Festival Be The First Of Many".