Recycling in Campbeltown

Kerbside Collection and Bring Banks

Collections are made fortnightly by Kintyre Recycling Ltd., under contract to Argyll & Bute Council. The steel and aluminium cans, plastic bottles, textiles, paper and cardboard collected and diverted from landfill all make significant contributions to the Scottich Government's Zero Waste Plan.

In addition, Kintyre Recycling Ltd. services over 30 collection points, known as Bring Banks, across Kintyre and Mid-Argyll. As a registered charity, the company is featured on the Big Give web site.

In parallel with its waste reduction role, Kintyre Recycling Ltd. is a Social Enterprise firm, employing folk with Special Needs on tasks which include sorting and rag-wipe production. The enthusiasm generated by recycling in Campbeltown is well illustrated in the tagline which says: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle!

Roading Recycling Centre +44 (0) 1586 553858 Map

Kintyre Recycling Freegle Group

Kintyre Recycling also links with the UK charity Freegle, a movement of people recycling items for free in their own areas, thereby keeping useful articles out of landfills. To benefit from, or contribute to, the service, individuals and other non-profit groups join the Freegle group, membership of which is free. Everything posted must be unconditionally free, legal and appropriate for all ages. Only group members can view the items being given away or sought. Furniture, doors, tools, white goods, musical instruments and computers all find their way onto the list.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Since the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive came into force in January 2007, cost-effective recycling of redundant and defunct equipment in this category, which includes computers, became much more challenging. The EU Directive aims to reduce the amount of waste produced and simultaneously encourage everyone to reuse, recycle and recover. Its effect has been to force small local firms out of the sector altogether, as the operation of the resultant collection schemes tends to lead to regional or national contracts. The relatively low volumes and long road journeys involved make operations from a base in Campbeltown uneconomic.

In the UK, implementation of the WEEE Directive led to the establishment of the Distributor Take-back Scheme (DTS) and the Designated Collection Facility (DCF). Household users having waste electrical and electronic equipment should dispose of it using one of these schemes.

Take-back Scheme
Distributors directly supplying new electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) to private households must offer, free of charge, to take back all old EEE of equivalent type.
Collection Facility
The Roading Civic Amenity Site 13 The Roading, Campbeltown, PA28 6LU will take household waste electrical and electronic equipment.

For commercial EEE disposal, one option is to contact Grangemouth Enterprises Ltd., a recycling company who collect loads from Argyll.